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Aircraft Appreciation How to avoid taking a financial bath. Must reading for all buyers!
Aircraft Specifications Compare multiple planes for speed, useful load, etc.
Avionics Values The economic effects of installing the very latest gizmos.
Buying Mistakes The "Plights of Planes"- Learn from the mistakes of others.
Bill of Sale Example of an Official FAA Bill Of Sale..
Damage History What it is and how it affects ownership.
Engine Overhaul facilites commercial and general aviation engine overhaul facilites.
FAA Forms FAA Forms and N-Number Lookup
How NOT to Buy More tips on common errors for first-time buyers.
Interior Repair Facilites Links to aircraft interior restoration and repair facilites.
Importing Thinking of importing? Read this first!
Leasebacks A good idea? We explore the pros & cons of common leasebacks.
Loans Sources for aircraft loans nationwide.
Logbooks Learn how important they really are, and how to take care of them.
Maintenance Facilites Links to maintenance & repair facilites.
Aircraft Mods After-market mods: costs and benefits.
New Planes Links to all the newest aircraft.
Newsletter Subscribe to our free monthly Market Trends newsletter.
Sales Agreements Common sense advice and sample agreements.
Painting Your Plane When it's economically feasable and how it affects value.
Parts and Accessories links to companies that offer aircraft Parts and accessories.
Passing Papers Removing the mystery for first-time buyers.
Pre-Buy Procedures The way it should go, and what to do if it doesn't.
Pre-Buy Shops Where to get your prepurchase inspection performed.
Rating Scales Common sense ratings for paint & interiors.
Spec Sheets Use professional spec sheets to organize your aircraft data.
Titles Title Companies and Title Insurance Inquires.
Detemining Value. Our famous short course in evaluating aircraft.

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